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BB-Series Droid unit carrier harness, droid accessories, bb8 carrier, droid bag

BB-Series Droid unit carrier harness, droid accessories, bb8 carrier, droid bag

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Make sure your BB-Series Droid is ready to go to a galaxy far far away with the handmade BB-Series Droid Harness. It's the perfect accessory for droid lovers to keep their droids safe and secure. This Droid carrier is designed to fit any BB-Series Droid. Perfect for taking your new droid with you on all your interstellar adventures.

1. Droid harness
2. Carabiner hook
3. BB head fall protection cord.
4. Shoulder Strap
5. Droid Remote carrier.


> These Droid carrier harnesses are uniquely designed and made of premium
quality materials.

> These carriers have typical 4x1 belts designed to hold your droid visible while wearing with safety.

> Easy and very comfortable to carry your droids with a Shoulder strap.

> All Carrier has an Adjustable feature that makes it easy to put in and out the droid from the carrier.

> Shoulder Strap also comes with Its length Adjustable feature so you can adjust with your comfort.

> BB harness now comes with its head protection clasp.

> You can carry multiple droids simultaneously with an individual droid carrier.

> Free Personalisation with your droid Name tag.

> All New Droids Controller Carrier Attachment.

-----------------------------There you GO.----------------------------------

So, if ordering is a little confusing please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you want to make your custom-made droid carrier,
Just Message us! we will give you our 100% support to make your dream droid carrier.

May the force with you.
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